Micro Cameras

Micro Optics

Optical Coatings

Assemblies and Systems

Micro Optics and Endoscopy Optics

High-precision micro optical elements

Customized micro prisms from 0.3 mm to approx. 8 mm

Optical assemblies of highest precision

Key applications: endoscopes, laser systems and measuring devices


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Optics and Optical Assemblies for Laser Medicine and Beauty

Micro optical and optical components

with optimized coatings for lasers in VIS and NIR

Complete optical modules and reflector units

for beam homogenization and beam shaping

Key applications: laser surgery, laser therapy,

beauty laser treatment

(skin treatment, tattoo removal and hair removal)


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Multi-Element Optics and Optical Groups

  • made of prisms and thin plates by putting them together into optical contact
  • complex optics of very high precision, with accurately sharp edges, useable for high power applications and imaging
  • optical groups and assemblies made of optical elements which are cemented together by UV-hardening or 2-component adhesives

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Optical Coatings

  • Customized thin-film optics from 0.3 mm
  • Plasma-ion assisted evaporation
  • Coating service for provided substrates
  • Manufacturing of a wide range of coating types with high performance

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Micro Cameras and Vision Systems

  • Over 20 off-the-shelf models and infinite custom options
  • With sensors up to 8 MP resolution
  • In sizes down to Ø 1.8 mm
  • High precision optics for optimal picture quality
  • Simple plug and play - works with any OS or existing system

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Assemblies and Systems

Opto-mechanical assemblies

Fully tailored systems design and assembly capabilities

Specialized in manufacturing and assmebly of OEM-modules

Designing and manufacturing special optic mounts

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