Pro Cams

In our product line Pro Cams are in S, M and L series more than 20 standard modules are available as micro cameras with maximum performance and flexibility.

Additionally, these Pro Cams can be customized regarding optics, housing, lighting and interfaces. In this way, they can be optimized for individual applications.

The Pro Cams are also the basis for completely customer-specific solutions.

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Smart Cams

The focus of our product line Smart Cams lies on higher cost-efficiency and shorter lead-times.

3 selected micro cameras in pre-defined configurations are available, which are in their function very flexible in use for a wide range of standard applications.

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i-C Devices

Optikrons' i-C devices are digital microscopes which are based on micro cameras with HQ optics and optimized illumination. So are resulting very compact devices for a flexible use in industries and laboratories. These professional digital microscopes can be used with a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Thanks to its innovative modular concept (patent pending), the i-C 120 can be used flexibly, both stationary and mobile, and its configuration can be easily changed for different applications.

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Customized Camera Modules and Vision-Systems

  • miniaturized camera modules can be developed and manufactured as customized products optimized for customers' applications
  • individualized housings, lenses and LED illuminations for applications in VIS and NIR
  • special optics for additionally coupling lasers or LEDs into the optical path or for coupling out special wavelengths
  • modules with multiple sensors or cameras
  • built-in modules for the integration in customers' systems or stand-alone vision systems with independent functionalitys
  • sensors from 1/18 "to 1/3"
  • USB, CVBS and HDMI

Individualized modules and systems will be designed and made as customized product optimized for specific applications of our customers.