The i-C 120 is a professional digital microscope with a compact size, based on an innovative modular concept. By this modular set-up the device can be easily changed in its configuration. With a full aluminum body the i-C 120 is precise and stable for the use in industry and laboratories. In the same it can be easily moved to a place of interest for on-site inspection. With high magnification and long working distance the i-C 120 is perfect for inspection, assembling, parts cleaning and comfortable object handling under this compact video microscope. It can be used with PCs or mobile devices. Various working-platforms are available as option for a wide range of applications. The microscope can be easily plugged into these platforms.

professional microscopy with PC, tablet or smartphone

Working-platforms can be also designed and created for customized applications such as measuring, inspection and processing specific parts while inspecting them by the digital microscope. Additionally are tube extenders available which can be easily plugged into the device for changing the magnification. Optionally  more micro cameras can be added for generating different views from various directions.

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  • 5 MP USB UVC camera (no special drivers required)
  • usable with Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android devices
  • OPTIcapview viewer software available as Windows or Android App / also usable with other standard software which supports USB UVC cameras
  • homogenized illumination
  • highest flexibility by easy changeable configuration
  • for a wide range of applications are various working-platforms available as option (pre-configured set-ups and customized solutions)
  • full aluminum body... precise and stable
  • ergonomic design with low working-plane
  • high magnification (50x… >500x @ 24” monitor) and long working distance (87… 35mm) / perfect for inspection, assembling and comfortable object handling

Typical Applications

Inspection and Documentation


Production and Assembly

Cleaning and Handling of small parts

On-site Inspection and Repair

R & D