Light-Tunnels and Reflector Units

for beam homogenization and beam shaping

Customized tunnels for homogenizing beams from laser diodes and LEDs or diode stacks. Multiple reflections inside  the tunnel generate homogeneously illuminated areas at the exit, which are defined by the size and shape of the cross-section.

  • made of mirror elements with coatings individually optimized for the application and for a wide range of angles of incidence (aluminum mirrors, enhanced aluminum mirrors or dielectric HR coatings)
  • especially for laser applications with high efficient HR coatings and thus with low-absorption
  • for applications in UV, VIS and NIR
  • straight or taperd shapes
  • the tunnels can also be supplied already pre-aligned and fixed in mounts or offered with mechanical holders for easier integration

Optimized characteristics, highly efficient coatings and precisely assembled assemblies lead to devices and handpieces for illuminating precisely defined areas while at the same time the laser power is optimally utilized for a longer laser lifetime.


typical applications

  • dental applications
  • dermatological laser
  • lasers for beauty treatment
  • special illumination
  • UV-curing
  • printing