Plano-optics and especially micro prisms with highest precision are available from Optikron in a wide range. Our strength is hereby also the development and manufacturing of customized optics. In combination with optimized coatings we are generating products optimally fitting to customer's applications. We have in-house available all technological processes and the needed production equipment for generating high precision parts from the raw glass block to the finished optics or micro-optics, including the optical coating. We bring together experienced craftsmanship with modern automation. So we can optimally combine manually, automated and robot assisted processes for generatig products with consistently high quality also in cost-efficient scalable processes.

Micro Optics

Optical components from 0,3 to approx. 8 mm made of optical glass and fused silica

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Multi-Element Optics

Optical groups and functional units of optically contacted or cemented elements

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Tunnel made of mirror elements for beam homogenization of laser diodes, LEDs and diode stacks

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Typical Applications


Medical Technology

Laser Systems

Sensor Systems

Illumination Systems