Micro Prisms

from 0.3 to approx. 8 mm

  • individual variations, completely customized components and special forms as well as standard prisms
  • miniaturized plano optics made from all optical glasses and fused silica with highest precision and surface quality
  • with coatings from edge to edge without margins (metallic mirrors, antireflection-, high reflective-, filter- and splitter coatings)

→ with autoclavable coatings for modern medical devices

→ with high efficiency coatings for high end laser systems

typical applications

  • endoscopy optics
  • laser optics
  • fiber-optical probes
  • optical sensors
  • fiber switches
  • optical data transmission

Wedge Prisms, Plane Plates, Mirrors and Micro Wafers

in dimensions from 0.3 to 25 mm

  • wedges of any angles (from 3 arc min to any degrees)
  • flat or angled mirrors with metallic or dielectric coatings
  • flat or angled windows and plane plates also with all polished surfaces and sharp edges (from 0.5 mm to any thicknesses)
  • spacer with grinded or polished surfaces and high precise thickness (from 0.05 mm to any)
  • glass blocks as component supports (glueing appliance)
  • thin glass wafers with one or two polished surfaces of various glass types

typical applications

  • endoscopy mirrors
  • diode lasers
  • laser mirrors
  • mirrors for light sources
  • windows for optical modules
  • correction parts for laser applications
  • precise spacer for assembling
  • substrates for thin-film optics

Optical Rods, Light Guides

for light-conducting, mixing and beam homogenization

  • with angular and/or parallel surfaces
  • highest parallelism, surface- and edge-quality as well as angle accuracy
  • mirror-rods

alternatively are light-tunnels available for beam homogenization (from 3 to approx. 100 mm)

typical applications

  • laser- and LED-applications
  • uniform illumination of defined areas
  • measuring probes
  • optics for sensors
  • light conductors
  • reflexion cells